The wild horses of Sable Island

Roberto Dutesco

Beauty has the power to inspire, to teach and to drive action.

Awareness through beauty is more than a philosophy, it is about taking concrete action to support conservation projects around the world and help protect the handful of sites that remain in a state of true wilderness.

The Wild Horses of Sable Island Mobile Project, aims to inspire tomorrow’s leaders in emerging and developing countries about the importance of natural habitats and conservation. “I wish to bring my experience among the wild horses of Sable Island to people around the world, to show them true wilderness in its primal state, unaware and unafraid of man. I wish to recreate for others, as nearly as possible, my extraordinary experience, what it was like for me to step onto their untouched land, what it was like for them to see me, and what they would remember from the encounter long afterward.” says Dutesco.

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