Grafiche Damiani: the quality print boutique.

22 July 2013

From Rome to New York, Grafiche Damiani is synonymous with high quality in a highly specialized and complex field as that of the coffee table book and reproductions of historical volumes.

Books of art and photography, as well as facsimiles of timeless works such as the Bible and the Divine Comedy, to name just two, made with selected materials, fine paper (from coated to the true animal parchment), perfect printing techniques, important covers and finishing.

The result: the book itself becomes a work of art that deserves to be admired and able to surprise, amaze, astonish, excite the reader from the first moment he picks up until the last page.

In particular as regards the precious facsimiles, Graphiche Damiani has developed and filed a patent application for an innovative printing process that allows to obtain a result in offset faithful to the original both in full color, while maintaining the transparency and the plots of the animal parchment, and in hot gold holding and chisels.

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