The History and Company Profile.

Printing is an ancient art form.

Although it has a long tradition, there is nothing old-fashioned about printing and the graphic arts.
A modern printer such as Grafiche Damiani is always on the cutting-edge of innovation in digital imagery and computer technology.
Andrea Albertini made the distinct choice to walk in hand with the most sophisticated printing technology for Grafiche Damiani. Over the past years he has made significant investments with the acquisition of a computer to plate (CPS) system. Thanks to this system the plate is engraved directly from the file without the use of films.
Advances in technology have opened up new possibilities in printing, but the machines are only as reliable as the professionas behind them. As much as the industry has changed over the years, at Grafiche Damiani one thing will never change: the value of the human touch.

There is nothing as precious as a staff of professionals who are passionate about what they do.

The team at Grafiche Damiani are unified in their commitment to make things right, make them fast and make them beautiful.

Grafiche Damiani has a 50-year of experience of taking ideas and making them become reality.

This is done through not only technology but through collaboration. We have printed almost everything, from business cards to museum catalogues. Each project, no matter how big or small, has contributed to their maturity and growth. Grafiche Damiani would not be the same company without the rich and varied experiences they have had over the years. We would like to thank all the clients who have participated in this process.

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